Happening bars

Happening bars in Tokyo or “hapu-baa” are the latest trend in Japan’s thriving swinging scene.

Happening bars started appearing in late 90s, originally just as places for swingers to drink, and they’ve since popped up all over Japan. Privacy I very important in Japan, so it’s difficult to say how widespread these bars are, but there are rumoured to be 20 or so in Tokyo alone.

Happening bars are basically swingers clubs in Japan that also cater for single people. Thy are hidden in normal-looking buildings in Japan’s urban entertainment districts. There are many types of Happening bars in Japan, some that are basically a fetish club (If you’re looking for some BDSM club in Tokyo), others specialise in groping, costume play, Bukake sex and anything other “happening” that might enter the imaginations of a horny group of half-naked strangers in a dark room. Customers are encouraged to bring a partner, although wife swapping is more popular in swingers clubs in Tokyo, and not necessarily in Happening bars.

Happening bars in Tokyo are just like ordinary bars. You go there to meet people, drink, talk, relax, and just hang out. The only difference is, the customers are all open minded people, swingers, people in porn or SM, etc….and, sexual activities take place in the back rooms.

But it’s not the same as an orgy or a swing party- it’s more relaxed and casual. Not everyone goes there just for sex, not everyone participates, and there is no expectation that you do so.

The main lounge area is just for drinking and socializing, and as the night progresses, people start walking around naked.

Another difference is that at swing parties, they never allow single men and only occasionally do they allow single women- but at happening bars, they allow both single men AND women.

Here are the top happening bars that are popular with Gaijins in Tokyo

Happening bars in Shibuya

Happening bars in Shinjuku