The swinging scene in Tokyo is like no other in the world. Swingers in Tokyo are some of the kinkiest and sexiest swingers in Asia.

The swinging scene in Japan is not very friendly to foreigners. Foreign people are not encouraged in many Japan’s sex industry establishments. Most swingers clubs in Tokyo turn them away at the door.

Why are swingers in Tokyo not welcoming to foreigners?

  • Language Barrier is the biggest problem. It’s harder to explain swinger party rules to foreigners that don’t speak Japanese.
  • Cultural difference. Foreigners not being aware of Japanese customs, and some of their behaviors can be offensive to some Japanese cultures.

There are two types of swingers clubs in Japan.

Happening Bars and a Couple Kissa (couples clubs).

Happening bars HB- allow SINGLE men and women to enter.

Couple Kissa CK – is for COUPLES ONLY.

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