Fetish clubs in Tokyo

Fetish Clubs in Tokyo appeal strongly to voyeurism & BDSM sex, which seems to be a powerful element of Japanese sexuality (particularly for men), which is less easy to explain in the context of Japan’s rigid, uniform social ethic.

Japanese people, who are no strangers to role-playing in their daily lives, might be able to slide comfortably into new roles, often strongly dominant or submissive, bondage, S&M and fetish (PVC, kink, leather, rubber..etc

You’d be surprised how many Japanese girls go to fetish clubs – perhaps drawn by anonymity, or a sense of liberation from the oppressive double-standards of Japan’s gender politics.

Tokyo considered to be the fetish capital of the world. The reason for that is, living in Tokyo is so expensive that many young Japanese girls have to resort to becoming Japanese kinky sex to balance out their place in the city.

They can do things like selling their used panties or getting hai daisuki, which is basically like a kinky dental exam.

Here’s a selection of the best fetish clubs in Tokyo

TK Society fetish club in Tokyo

Black Rose fetish club in Tokyo

Jail fetish club in Tokyo

Department H fetish club Tokyo

Decadence fetish club Tokyo