Jail fetish club in Tokyo

As far as S&M and Fetish bars in Tokyo, You can’t go past JAIL fetish club. This diabolical dungeon makes other fetish clubs look like Disneyland. To see the “torture chamber” bed in an alcove of white tiles, you first have to look past the metal cages and practically step over a Japanese man built like a sumo wrestler who has his legs tied and lifted in the air, and a dominatrix, dressed in black leather underwear and black netting, giving him an almighty thrashing. A glimpse of a sanitary pad in the man’s underwear suggests he is not entirely immune to pain, and turns the stomach. Next to him, a slight man is cowering under the blows from another leather-clad woman — a bit like Mad Max’s Aunty Entity, only worse. Red raw stripes are forming on his back, though the man’s whimpers are like a cat’s meow, half pain, half weird state of pleasure.

Anyone wanting to go the whole hog can sign up for the Fetish Ball Japan in September at the Christon Café in Shibuya. Some strip clubs offer a lot more than dance opportunities in their back rooms, and it’s probably safe to say that some of the dancers in such venues probably don’t fare as well as those at Key Icon and other clubs I visited.

Check out their website for more info www.jail-ory.com