TK Society fetish club in Tokyo

TK Society is Tokyo’s leading not for profit BDSM and fetish club in Tokyo. They regular fetish events in Tokyo as well as other places around the world.

TKS is a not-for profit group of open minded Japanese kinksters living in Tokyo, Japan, that hold kinky parties in a mature, safe, sane and consentual environment.

They are open to foreigners and Japanese adults, straight as well as gay & lesbian.

TKS is modelled on BDSM and fetish clubs in Europe and North America. The club was started in 2001 by several kinky japanese couples in Tokyo, and has grown from holding small private parties to huge BSDM / fetish events (though we still have the home parties as well!). They are also well know with the famous annual Tokyo Fetish Ball.

TKS was started because the original members could not find BDSM / kinky / fetish clubs and parties in Tokyo oriented to meeting people that were safe / sane / sensible, reasonably priced and open to Gaijin foreigners as well as Japanese.

For more info, check out their website